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New Year’s Retreat

Friends from Northern Germany, Denmark, Ireland, England, Amerika, Cuba and Venezuela we celebrated the ending of 2015 together with meditation and lectures. John Christoferson, Jeremiah Hendren and Yomiaria Urquia shared their deep wisdom and knowledge with great great humour. Celebrating our project – buying the farm across the road – we initiated the new place (which we rented for the […]

Lolland Friends are EC Friends!

To raise awareness of our jewel here in the north, and to give our jewel in the south – the remarkable Europe Center – some small support, the lovely ladies of Lolland joyfully slaved in the kitchen for days, baking delicious treats: biscotti, coconut macaroons and more. If you were one of the lucky hundreds who […]

A Brief but Blessed Visit

Lama Ole, surely the Buddhist teacher with the busiest schedule of any in the world, managed to squeeze in a half an hour recently to stop by Lolland Buddhist Retreat Center, on the way from Copenhagen to the New Year’s Course in Hamburg. Regular readers of our blog will remember that we completed renovation of […]

Inspiration with the Lolland Friends

If you’re keeping up with Lolland, you probably know there are some changes on the way! Two residents are moving out in December and three new ones will move in by February, so it’s the perfect time for some reflection and new ideas how best to run this amazing place. Like most of our retreat […]

Our (almost) new stupa

The first Diamond Way stupa built in the West stands in the courtyard here at Lolland Buddhist Retreat Center. Inaugurated in 1982 by Tenga Rinpoche, it has been exposed to quite a lot of wild Danish weather over the last 32 years. A stupa of enlightenment built in a very traditional style – especially compared […]

The 30th Annual Summer Course

It’s been a busy summer, with amazing meditation courses at The Europe Center, Karma Berchen Ling and Karma Guen, but now that quieter autumn has set in at Lolland, we can catch up with our blog again… As all Diamond Way Buddhists know by now, Lama Ole had surgery on his upper spine early this […]

The Stupa’s New Buddha

Lama Ole Nydahl and Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche agreed at last year’s Summer Course that it’s time for a new statue in our stupa: a golden Buddha Shakyamuni. The best place for any Diamond Way Buddhist centre to find top quality statues is the Europe Center, so we contacted our friends there. Geri from the EC […]

Keeping up with Lolland

Whenever we talk to friends in Denmark, Germany, Czechia, Russia – anywhere really – we realise that Lolland Buddhist Retreat Center is as special a place for people all over the world as it is for those of us who live here. But most friends of Lolland can’t come that often. To keep up with […]

Pulling Together to Build Up!

Sounds of saws and hammers, the smell of wet paint, freshly turned earth, flowers and barbecues – all of this is to be expected this time of year, as friends join us at Lolland Retreat Center for the building up weekends to get everything ready for the annual Summer Course. On the second building up […]