A Brief but Blessed Visit

Lama Ole, surely the Buddhist teacher with the busiest schedule of any in the world, managed to squeeze in a half an hour recently to stop by Lolland Buddhist Retreat Center, on the way from Copenhagen to the New Year’s Course in Hamburg.

Regular readers of our blog will remember that we completed renovation of the first Diamond Way stupa in the West this summer, and placed a beautiful new Buddha Shakyamuni statue in it at our Summer Course. Unfortunately Lama Ole couldn’t be there, and no stupa statue is complete without the Lama’s blessing, so he stopped by on December 27th to bless the statue and re-inaugurate our stupa.

After arriving in a convoy with around forty friends, Lama Ole wasted no time and climbed up onto the stupa to remove the statue. After focussing his mind on it and guiding those present in recitation of mantras, he placed it back in the window on a new pedestal custom made by a friend so that it sits a bit higher.

Using every minute available, Lama Ole also took the time to walk through the garden to view and bless the Naga Queen statue we installed beside the pond this summer.

A snack and a cup of tea later, and off he and the friends drove again, the explosion of activity over as quickly as it began, leaving Lolland once again as peaceful as usual.

Thank you Lama! We look forward to seeing you again at the Summer Course!

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