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Meditating with Families

Starting a family enriches life, but brings with it many new challenges for a practicing Buddhist. Finding the time and freedom to meditate can be quite difficult, so to support Buddhist parents (and kids!) Lolland offers at least one Family Retreat a year. The first one this year started on the first Thursday evening of May, […]

Lolland’s Beautiful New Buddha

For many years the altar in the gompa was a bit disorganised, and there were many questions about the placement of the statues. Together with some expert friends we started to look how we could organize it better, and in a way suitable for our traditional altar. During the 2013 Summer Course we asked Lama […]

The Joy of Building Up

You might have the idea in your head that building up a huge course, like the upcoming Lolland Summer Course, is just a bunch of hard work. If so, you’ve obviously never done it. But just to make sure all the generous friends who come to help not only have the satisfaction of working for […]

Lolland’s New Website is Online!

We’ll be working this year on keeping our friends better informed about what’s happening at Lolland Buddhist Retreat Center, and the first step is our new website! The blog here will be updated with the latest news, our events page will keep you informed about upcoming lectures, retreats and courses, and you can also read […]