Buddha Shakyamuni statue in the Lolland altar

Lolland’s Beautiful New Buddha

For many years the altar in the gompa was a bit disorganised, and there were many questions about the placement of the statues. Together with some expert friends we started to look how we could organize it better, and in a way suitable for our traditional altar.

During the 2013 Summer Course we asked Lama Ole and Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche, and we agreed to buy a new Buddha Shakyamuni statue. Lama Ole picked a Buddha for us during the EC Summer Course, and our generous Lolland Friends helped us pay for it. The old Buddha statue that stood in our altar for many years was given to Rendsburg, as a symbol of friendship and connection between Southern Denmark and Northern Germany.

Once we received the new Buddha statue, it was almost automatic that we decided to fill it in Rendsburg. On the weekend of January 17th friends from Kiel, Laboe, Rendsburg, Lolland, Århus, and Odense met to do the noble job.

Now the statue is filled and placed in the altar in Lolland, shiny and beautiful. Thank you so much to all the generous friends who donated money, materials and time to make this possible!

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